Guesture Phrase

Create it after the Interview

Your Guesture Phrase is best created at the end of the Video Interview to have you be "warmed up" about who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you want to do it for and with.

think sections

what are the 3 or 4 main essences, themes, or key points?

think dynamics

smooth, soft, sharp, direct, loose, jangly, rigid, thick, quick, indulgent, slow, indirect, tense, bubbly, light, flowing, etc.

think shape

how the hands (arms, chest, shoulders, too, maybe) are metaphorically "like" some aspect of what you are describing. Essence, not elaborate description, here is key.

think size

when to have a part of the Phrase be big? when small?

sequence the sections


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As you go through developing your language around the main elements of the video, notice your gestures, and feel your energy in your body. Be standing as you do this, and let the animation through your trunk, your timing and shifts in focus, and especially your gestures be part of how you also clarify the ideas and language you are using. Track the main movement things, and when there are notable moments, note them, maybe do them again, intentionally. Maybe you want to write down something to help you remember the 4 or 5 significant movements.

Now you've gotten pretty clear on the essential pieces of your talking points, and have identified what you do and the key aspects of it that are important for people to know. You've also tracked your movement and maybe made a list of 4 or 5 gestures that arose organically from your body's intelligence as you were honing your words.

You should have 2-5 "sections" of your phrase, which you could also call 2-5 mini-gestures. They should correspond to main information points you want to convey, such as:

  • who you are, what's important to you;
  • basic identity of your work (title);
  • specific tweaks on that identity that are helpful for people to really get what you offer
    • how you work (style, attitude, demeanor)
    • particular skills
  • how it works, the connections or changes it makes
  • what it produces

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