You have your own camera? Great! Use that one. Every camera that records video is good.
If not, ask friends or family.
As a last resort,you can also use a mobile phone with video function. The Quality is not that great, but bettern than no video.


Be in a bright environment.
Light up your face :-) It should be brighter than the background. We want to see your expressions.
Have a clean and simple background, an empty is great.


Be in a quiet environment.
Turn off all the background noise. TV and especially also music.
Make sure you are not interrupted while filming your Wave Video.


Put the camera in eye level with you.
Your head and your hands should be in the picture.
Watch the Dreamfish Wave videos to get a live impression of the film style.
Film as many times as you want, you can later select the best version or edit what you filmed to the best result.


If you can not edit what you film afterwards, read these notes.

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