Editing Software

There is free editing Software that work just right for your Dreamfish Wave video:
  • iMovie on Macs
  • Windows Movie Maker on PCs
You have your own Editing Software of choice? Use that one.

Editing guidlines

Your video starts with your Guesture Phrase followed by your interview.
Edit you footage by what you say:
  • cut out breaks
  • leave only the parts that you want your audience to hear
Leave small breaks in between the different topics of your video (1 or 2 sec)
After you edited, your video should be between 1 and 2 minutes long. If it is longer, go and cut out some more. It is hard, but a shorter and more focused version keeps the viewers attention over the whole video.


You are doing your Guesture Phrase:
You say what you do:
You talk about key skills you have:

subtitle with your full name
subtitle with your job description (for example: web developer)
subtitle as well (for example: HTML programming)
Download the Title Template to edit in Adobe Photoshop. If that is not an option for you, use the titeling possibilities of your Editing Software.

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