Here is how to make your own Dreamfish Wave Video

See the videos for instructions. Click "Tell me more." for detailed information. Give Feedback.

1. See an example

To get started, watch this Dreamfish Wave Video to get an idea what your video can look like after this Do it yourself tutorial!

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2. Interview Notes

For the person that is interviewing you.
Learn how to get the best out of you.

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3. Guesture Phrase

Learn how to create your own Dreamfish Wave with the help of your interviewer.

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You want the best results on your camera? Watch this short animation to find out how.

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If you do not have the possibility of editing after filming, go here.

5. Editing

Find out how editing transforms your raw footage into a compelling video about you.

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Your video starts with your Guesture Phrase followed by your interview.
Edit your footage by what you say: cut out breaks, leave only key parts.
Ideal lenght: 1 to 2 minutes.

6. Upload video

Now that your video is complete, it is time to make your work public.

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There are a lot of possibilities to upload your video online for free. YouTube is the most known video Platform, but we also invite you to take a look at vimeo.

7. Spread it online

Tell not just your friends, but tell the whole world!

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Embed your video in Blogs, Facebook or other online communication channels. Twitter about your video and spread the word. This is your best business card now!